New Releases


My first novella, Monster Slayer, is officially on sale! If you like explosions, Martian war veterans, evil corporations, and Beowulf, this one's for you.    

If you like Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books, Fighting Fantasy, Zork, or RPGs, you just might like Oracle: Legacy of Dragonholt, a game from Nikki Valens and Fantasy Flight Games. I wrote a big, big chunk of it and it's a really amazing project. 


Continuing my tradition of working on introductory versions of FFG's fantastic line of roleplaying games, I'm excited for the forthcoming release of the Legend of the Five Rings Beginner Game. I wrote the adventure and character backstories for this one, ably assisted by Katrina Ostrander, Max Brooke, and Tim Huckleberry, among many others. I'm hopeful that this will launch as many campaigns as Escape from Mos Shuuta did for Star Wars!

Expect a lot more to be announced here soon. There's so much exciting stuff coming, you guys, you have no idea. 

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